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Security Services

Enterprise Services has years of security experience and expertise to identify your security risks and determine the most cost effective ways to solve them. We will provide you unparalleled security expertise and a comprehensive suite of security assessment services to meet your specific budget and requirements.

Security Advisory Services and Design

Enterprise Services provides expert security assessment services in an affordable, cost effective solution. It delivers a clear and concise assessment of state of your network security, including external and internal security perspectives, identified vulnerabilities, and security management as compared to best practices. In addition, this offering provides an actionable, prioritized set of recommendations.

These services provide a client with insight into their security plan, such as how to improve upon it or design it and what is needed to ensure proper protection. These services can include: managed vulnerability analysis, site security assessment, security awareness training, incident response training, security risk review/ongoing risk assessment, security architecture review, intrusion detection/prevention, security account manager, and incident assistance.


Delivery of high-value security expertise at an affordable, fixed cost
No need to purchase and update assessment tools
Immediate identification of security vulnerabilities
Multi phased action plan that fit your budgetary and resource requirements

Also, we provide clients with assistance on planning managed security solutions, in addition to the training and support that is necessary for a successful managed security solution. These services can include expert security advice, secure Web site design, security planning, application code review, security audits, security training, and additional consulting.

Vulnerability Scanning

This service typically is initiated as part of the initial consulting engagement to establish the assets a client has, and what the points of vulnerability are with regard to those resources. Queries across a company’s network may be then conducted on a regular or ad-hoc basis to capture new vulnerabilities that the organization may face.